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The Fifteen Lesson Course

The Fifteen Lesson Course


Learning orchestration can be a daunting task.


For example: What is the range of the bassoon, how do strings decide which way their bows will move, what does transposition in F mean, and a whole host of other questions await the student of orchestration.


This process is now much easier with the book: "Orchestration, A New Approach - The Fifteen Lesson Course". The book consists of a 53 page booklet with online content containing over 1000 pages of scores analyzed for the student of orchestration; not harmonic and form analyzes but rather examining issues of dovetailing, doubling, tessitura concerns, instrumental effects,composer's use of articulations and dynamics, bowing and phrasing issues, texture, and the relationship of the different orchestral sections to one another.


The twenty scores range from Haydn to Stravinsky and using a color-coded system, the student can study these annotated scores and see precisely the important points.


The author has created 15 lessons beginning with the fundamentals and moving through each orchestral family, culminating in lessons on combining the instruments together with various score studies. Each lesson consists of several educational files, including exercises and instrumental examples. The lessons also include orchestral scores that pertain to the particular area of study.


"Norman has played in my orchestra since my earliest scores, and frequently orchestrates for me as well. In his book, he covers the basics of orchestration from the invaluable point of view of one of Los Angeles' top session players. Orchestration: A New Approach, with its clear analysis and numerous examples from the masters, is a fresh offering of orchestration technique that emphasizes craft and is enjoyable to read. " - Michael Giacchino


53 pages including 1000 PDF pages available via DropBox.

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