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Composition-A New Approach

 Composition-A New Approach
The goal of this book is to present several techniques that will make you a more diverse, versatile, and skilled composer. These tools will add new colors to your compositional palette.
In addition to this expansion of your skills, these tools function as excellent writing warm-ups.  
1) Limited intervals is a simple technique that functions excellently as a warm-up exercise. The concept is to limit yourself to only two pitches while composing something interesting for one instrument. You may change octaves, rhythmic values, dynamics, tempo and so on.  
2) Modulating scales are scales that begins in one key and, as they progress, modulate to other keys. It provides the composer a chromatic flexibility while still utilizing a diatonic tonality.
Modern music has long moved rapidly through various keys, without stopping to cadence and establish each new key center. Modulating scales just help us along this creative path.
3) Hexachords are essentially six notes scales, but the interesting aspect of hexachords is not that they contain six pitches, but the freedom and creativity comes from the fact that you choose which six pitches! You are not limited to an existing major, minor, diminished, or augmented scale. If you are in a light mood, you create a hexachord with mostly whole steps and fifths; conversely, if you are in a dark disposition then obviously create a hexachord full of half steps and tritones.
This technique adds incredible variety to your writing, no matter how experienced you are. They have been used by many great concert, motion picture, and television music composers.
Most of us are confined and limited by what we can physically play on the keyboard or what our knowledge of chords are; we compose with chords in mind and then fill in the notes. These techniques can liberate you from this trap.
74 pages  (Each book includes a DropBox link for the audio examples).

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