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Advanced Orchestration

Advanced Orchestration

Our main objective in analysis of orchestration is to discover how the orchestra is used to present musical ideas. To do this we must simplify the score to fully understand it.

The first step in analysis is examining the music to see the different elements that are present. These elements, or textures, are usually few in number and are clearly seen. They include the harmony, melody, harmonic background, contrapuntal lines, etc. 


This book studies the six different categories of textures with many musical examples. Included are several exercises for the student with both good and bad versions to refer to.

Brahm’s Hungarian Dances No. # 3 and Ravel’s Le Tombeau de Couperin are analyzed from piano score to finished orchestration.


This book is the main textbook for the Advanced Orchestration Class at the Professional Musician’s Union,  Los Angeles Local 47.


146 pages (Each book includes a DropBox link for the audio examples).

Hard Copy $30.00

Ebook $25.00